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ATL Tinkerpreneur 2021- Anya Aggarwal- VI- I- June 2021

I’m loving my journey with tinkerpreneur so far! It’s a dream come true. I’ve always wanted to start up a business of my own and from this course, I got to know so much. With this course I learnt about the tools which could actually bring alive my thoughts and I used them to make my very own website ! This course motivated me to think out of the box. My business is an idea that came to me a while ago because I had never seen anyone do it before . It is making personalized collages for everyone! When I had to select the name I thought of a creative idea that is Chirpy Collages. I thought of “chirpy” as in the way it expresses your feelings in the whole collage! But apart from that, I learned many more things about making my very own scratch cards or even small games! I’ve learned so much about the journey of imagining to creating a digital product to financing and marketing it to sale and profitability assessment for the same and it was quite eye-opening to see how easy it was! I’m looking forward to the journey ahead!

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