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ATL Tinkerpreneur 2021- Anusha Sharma VIII- D- June 2021

One has very rightly said that “Never Stop Exploring”, and this quote perfectly fits in my journey of becoming a Tinkerpreneur. I believe that young kids like me should always be up for exploring the new fields after all in future we will have to select one. I am very grateful that my school has given us this opportunity to explore this field of entrepreneurship. Since, nowadays people are preferring more of digital and technology based machines in things in their life, so this workshop is mainly encouraging us to make electronic based websites. I have made a website which helps one to reduce their everyday boredom during this COVID pandemic . It has E Books, Animated storyboard, E quizzes, a fun chatbot whom you can talk to and many more. Not only this but my website also consists of an E cart where you can buy some of my products. Making this product of course took a lot of efforts but at the same time it was equally an amusement and joy for me. I am very curious and am looking forward to the further weeks. 

Link to my website:- https://sites.google.com/dpsgfaridabad.com/boredomfree/home

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