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Assembly On National Technology Day, International Day Of Family And Budh Purnima- Classes V-VIII- May 11, 2022

To develop a feeling of affiliation and unity among students and enable them to share their experiences and thoughts DPS, Greater Faridabad organizes a special assembly every Wednesday for the middle school. The themes for this week were ‘National Technology Day’, ‘International Day Of Family’ and ‘Budh Purnima’.

National Technology Day in India is an annual event held every year on May 11th. A day that is dedicated to celebrating the achievements and contributions of scientists, researchers, engineers, and trainers. Each year, National Technology Day has a different theme. The themes changes as per the advancements in the field of research and technology. The theme this year is ‘An Integrated Approach to Science and Technology for a Sustainable Future’.

International Day of Families is annually observed by the United Nations across the world on May 15. The day is commemorated to highlight the important affairs central to the welfare of families, such as health, education, gender equality, rights for children, and social inclusion among others.

Buddha Purnima, reverentially, the most important day for the followers of Buddhism, commemorates Lord Buddha’s enlightenment in 588 B.C and also his attainment of the highest of spiritual goals, ‘Nirvana’ in Bodh Gaya and ‘Parinirvana’ (or “final cessation”) in Kushinagara. Alternatively called Buddha Jayanti, this day consecrates the birth anniversary of Lord Buddha who was born in Lumbini, Nepal. As the name itself suggests, Buddha Purnima is observed on a bright full moon in the Vaisakha month (April/May), a time especially suited for introspection, charity and puja. This year, it will be celebrated on 16th May.

 So, to mark these special days, we had organised a special assembly on Wednesday, 11th May ,2022. Students spoke on these topics to enlighten their classmates on these days. A very informative video on Lord Buddha was also shown in the class. Students had participated in the assembly with huge enthusiasm.