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Annual Meeting of Interact Club AGRANI with District Governor (Rotary District 3011)- August 27, 2021

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It is a platform where the young leaders, activists, future torch bearers meet with the present leaders of society to discuss the prevailing social issues and solutions to resolve these. It is a time when the Interactors and the Rotarians together, ponder on the areas related to the betterment of our society. Yes! It is an opportunity, when the delegates of AGRANI give a detailed account of community programs being conducted over the previous year to the District Governor of Regional Rotary. On the 27th Day of August 2021, a team of students- Laavanya Jain, Yuvraj Dhingra and Attrija A Gitay met the dignitaries- RTN Anup Mittal , District Governor (Distt.3011), RTN. Dalip Verma, President of Rotary East and other eminent leaders from the Rotary. The Rotarians were amazed with the presentation of projects taken over the year 2020-21. Equally were they impressed with the confidence, leadership skills and the will to serve others that the team of dipsites exhibited. They also shared with the participants some new ideas related to the environment and social cause and also assured their whole hearted support and guidance. The grand success of our projects would not have been possible without the support of our DPS family- parents, mentors and each and every member. A Heartfelt Gratitude !

Kudos to the team!!

We bring here some glimpses from the occasion.