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24 students of Classes IX, X and XII, accompanied by their teachers, visited the Andaman Islands to study its rich bio diversity, history and culture from June 13-17, 2019. As part of their study, students got an opportunity to observe the topography, climatic conditions, drainage, peopling, flora and fauna and a chance to experience diving into the sea, exploring the marine bio-diversity, reef ecosystems, life in the shallow seas. The group of students indulged in Beach Bumming, Water Activities, Havelock Island, Cellular Jail, Coral Reefs, Island Hopping, Glass Bottom Boating. Keeping in view our school’s tradition, a Plantation drive was held at Port Blair in the garden area of Andaman Trunk Road. The students and teachers selected the empty places to plant saplings in a well-organised way and were highly enthusiastic while planting the saplings, and fenced them and watered the plants.

Feedback (Student)

Being an ardent beach lover, I did not think twice before enrolling myself for the Andaman trip. It was a 5- day trip where we enjoyed the tranquil waters, serene beaches and beautiful islands. I am a keen explorer and a water sport enthusiast. I did parasailing and scuba diving. Both of which were unforgettable experiences. Visiting the Cellular Jail, listening to the horrendous torture meted out to the inmates, gave me goose bumps. It was a memorable trip which will go down in my memory lane as one of the best school trips.