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“ Water is the driving force of all nature”. – Lionardo Da Vinci

Earth is called a blue planet as 71 percent of it is covered with water.Water plays a vital role in the very existence of life on Earth. In order to apprise our little Dipsites of the importance of this essential element of life, Class Prep Organized a week long activity based learning program on the topic ‘Water’.

Through creative and innovative Audio Visual Modules, fulfilled Art and Craft, Science Experiments and various hands on activities, the students enhanced their knowledge on the nature and properties of water – ie water is colourless, shapeless and tasteless. They looked curious and amazed to identify the things that float or sink in water through ‘ Sink and Float Activity. PPTs were shown to identify the natural and man made sources of water and uses of water. The three states of water were practically shown to the learners through frozen ice cubes and then melting them on room temperature. They witnessed how after boiling water it gets converted into steam. Students enjoyed reciting Poem on Water while making a movable paper plate boat in one of the activities. The most amazing part of this event was to see every student of Class Prep expressing his / her views on the Topic Water in Oral Interaction Activity. They were full of enthusiasm and each one of them took a pledge to not waste water in any way. We are sure that their contribution in saving water will go a long way now it’s our turn to do our bit.