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Abra Ka Dabra Magic Show- Class Pre Nursery- I-April 21, 2022

“Children see magic because they look for it.” – Christopher Moore

Children have always been fascinated by magic. Since ages, the magic shows have added to the joys and ecstasy of childhood. To let our littles ones experience the same bliss, wòpe at DPS Greater Faridabad organized a grand ‘Magic Show’ for the students of Pre-Nursery to I on Thursday, April 21, 2022. With a loud and cheerful applause, the students welcomed the vibrantly attired Magician. One could clearly see the dazzle and excitement in the eyes of our young angels as the magician amused them by uttering those magical words,

Aabra ka Daabra, Gili Gili Chhoo…’ . He initiated the show with an exciting trick wherein he waved a beautiful handkerchief in the air to turn it into a stick. This was followed by another trick which left everybody spellbound. He covered a transparent empty bottle with a fabric and as he uncovered the bottle, it was filled with a soft drink. The spectators burst out into loud cheers on witnessing such an act. The tricks seemed endless. Once again, to everybody’s surprise the magician turned a blank book into a picture book. He also very magically turned an orange handkerchief into a dice. There were many more acts which added to the charm of the show. All the tricks played by the magician were exciting enough to win the young hearts and filled our ‘Little Wonders Wing’ with the most precious smiles.

The happy grins and wondering eyes of the little Dipsites made the show exquisite and will be cherished forever by each one of us with a smile.