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A Virtual Blue Day Celebration By Dipsites Of Nursery- July 2020

“Let the blue sky meet the blue sea and all is blue for a time” – Moncy Barbour.

Blue – the colour of loyalty, strength, wisdom and trust has a very vital place in our lives. To increase the knowledge band of colours and their significance, we at DPS Greater Faridabad organized a virtual Blue Day celebration for our Young Dipsites of class Nursery. The importance of blue colour was delivered effectively with a series of activities to make learning fun for our tiny tots. All the students and teachers were dressed up in different shades of blue. The Virtual Classrooms were decorated with blue balloons and dipsites were introduced to blue colour. Students carried their favourite blue object and enthusiastically spoke few sentences about it. The excitement level reached to the heights with storytelling session where in we used visual delight through PowerPoint presentation to make story more impactful. Our young learners also made a Doremon mask for themselves during their special art and craft session on Blue Day. Celebration was concluded with beautiful song sung with full zeal by our tiny tots.

Excitement and passion was seen everywhere as students participated in with full keenness and were eager to learn more about the Blue colour.