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“Let’s take pride in how far we have come, and have faith in how far we can go” – with this thought as our inspiration, we have grown at DPS Greater Faridabad. We are in infancy years of our Aryabhatta examination and each day we are growing to be better. The seed sown, sprouted well and since then it has been very well nurtured by our team of exemplary teachers and their persevering students, who give up on their many evenings, Saturdays and Summer and Winter breaks. The students who ate, drank and even breathed Mathematics, probably might have dreamt too in digits and numbers. Today, the fruits of the seeds sown two years ago through the initiative of Competitive Edge Program has paid off with commendable results of the ’37thAryabhatta Inter-School Mathematics Competition 2020′. We are extremely delighted to announce that our school at class V level has bagged the 6th Rank while individual ranks commence at 8th rank onwards in overall Individual Performance. At class VIII level the students have performed remarkably well too with overall Individual Performance rank commencing at Rank 30th onwards. Over 250 schools participate keenly in this prestigious event.

Ms. Surjeet Khanna along with the whole DPS Greater Faridabad family, congratulated the participants and their mentors for their untiring efforts. With our Dipsites shining bright in competitions such as Aryabhatta, Olympiads, NTSE, SMTE, Ramanujan, KVPY and with remarkable scores in the CBSE board results, we have many reasons to celebrate. Applause to our promising student heroes and teachers!!!! Our journey continues…