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We at DPS Greater believe in providing practical knowledge to the students for learning STEM subjects easily staring from 1st std. So we conducting full academic year Robotic classes in the schools. We are an enthusiastic participant of PLAYBOTICS League – NeoRobos that is held annually to inculcate interest in S.T.E.M Education (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

This event gives the opportunity to young children to plan, investigate and implement their ideas. They develop scientific enquiry and essential life skills as they learn on their journey of discovery. In PLAYBOTICS League, children are immersed in a playful learning environment and challenges. Through their participation, children reinforce their learning(s) through hands-on learning methodology. Children learn essential life skills like leadership, creativity, innovativeness, analytical & problem-solving skills, teamwork and communication skills.

NeoRobos firmly believe that training for robotics should start at Pre-School level as young children are natural learners whose minds are full of innovation and ideas, constructed by their own experiences with their environment.

Exuberant and high spirited participants from DPS Greater Faridabad too invested their effort with great vehemence. There were different category and level of competitions. We had participated in Class1-2 and Class3-4 category in which our team Techwizard and Technovators had participated respectively. Labour of the each group participants along with their teachers bore fruits when both our teams were selected for the National Level.

The command over technology and the spellbinding presentation of our Dipsites was appreciated and rewarded by the judges. Our team ‘Techwizards’ was Runner Ups in Gaming and was Winner in Overall Performace in both the categories (gaming and presentation) and team ‘Technovators’ were judged the Runners up in Overall Performance in their respective categories.