Meeting with Space lady Sunita Williams.

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Since our childhood, Space with its beauty and humongous presence has always attracted us. The fact that we can't reach space easily has made this subject a dream almost close to impossible. But again when you get a chance to do so or meet a person who has been into this miraculous space you never want to miss on. Do You??

When we the students of Delhi Public School, Greater Faridabad got a chance to meet Ms. Sunita Williams, the world renowned NASA astronaut, we were overwhelmed. She interacted and shared her experiences with students at Indian Islamic Centre, New Delhi on 26th February, 2016. Our excitement to meet her and share her experiences of space was long awaited from the time we heard of her arrival. Sunita Williams appealed Indian children to take more interest in space exploration.

"I am really looking forward to India's participation in the space programme in a big way," she said.

Ms. Sunita Williams shared her experiences of space, how she was prepared over two years before the space trip, actually going into space with her crew members, living there with no gravity, flying all over the spaceship, her All this was shown to us with the help of a live video. More interesting was her space walk into space with her crew members! It was a great learning and unforgettable experience for all of us. In our student own words....

Yuvika Pasricha of Class V said...."Meeting my role model was a moment to treasure! It was quite a wonderful experience as we got a chance to meet and know her, sitting just in front of her. It was a rocking day and I shall cherish it in the memory box forever",

Kushav Arora,Class V said.."Sunita William" personality depicts an excellence a human can achieve beyond the powers of science and intelligence. It is indeed a lasting experience I could have as a learner of Astronomy"