Budokon Karate Championship- May 22, 2016

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Our budding Dipsites participated in 2nd NCR Budokan State Selection Karate Tournament which was held at D.A.V Public School, Jasola- New Delhi on 22nd May from 9am- 8pm.

The Physical Education and Sports department is delighted to inform that Prakul Singh Sankhyan and Darsh Kumar after their outstanding performance at the state selection Budokan Karate Tournament earning Gold medals, are selected by the Delhi Budokan Karate Association to participate in the National karate Championship-2016, which is going to be held from 23rd to 28th September, 2016 at Mulund West, Mumbai.

The final details of the participants are mentioned below:

1. Vansh tyagi 6th B U-11 Bronze medal
2. Samarth Sehal 7th C U-11 Silver- kata
Silver- kumite
3. Prakul singh sankhyan 2nd C U-7 Gold- kumite
Silver- kata
4. Darsh kumar 2nd U-7 Gold- kata
Silver- kumite