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Students of DPS Greater Faridabad outshined in International English Olympiad (SOF) for the year 2017-18. Tulip Prakash of class IV B bagged Gold Medal, Sanjana Tiwari of class IV B Silver Medal,Vedant Khurana of class IV G Bronze.Jayati Kapoor of class VC bagged Gold Medal,Vanshika Singh of class VF Silver Medal ,Mishka Jain VC Bronze Medal . krish sachdev of class VI C bagged Gold Medal,Arnav Jain of class VIC Silver Medal, Ishan Kumar of class VIC Bronze .Lavanya Ahaluwalia VIIC bagged Gold Medal, Anant Raj VIID Silver ,Yuvrraj Rampal of class VII B Bronze.Jhankar Thakural of class VIII D bagged Gold Medal, Mrinali Khanna of class VIIIA Silver Medal, Aarushi Banerjee of class VIIIA Bronze .Shivam Agarwal of class IXC bagged Gold Medal, Richa Singh of class IXC Silver Medal, Dhriti Dey class IXC Bronze and Tanisha Dora of class XC bagged Gold Medal.

The Principal and the staff of DPS Greater Faridabad congratulated them for their brilliant performance and wished them Good Luck in their future endeavours.