Classes VI - X

We, at DPS Greater Faridabad, follow a curriculum framework for the holistic development of the students and offers national established affiliation of Central Board of Secondary Education. The school aims at establishing a balanced approach towards the teaching-learning process keeping in mind the learning objectives prescribed by CBSE, thus, ensuring a student-centric learning environment. The curriculum aims at integrating subjects to give the learners a platform to think creatively and facilitate them with innovative teaching methodologies.

In middle school, learning becomes in-depth with diversification of subjects such as Science into Biology, Physics and Chemistry, Mathematics into Algebra, Geometry and Arithmetic, and Social Studies into History, Civics, Geography. Along with English and Hindi, we also offer third language options such as German, French and Sanskrit. We lay emphasis on making the learners tech-savvy by including Computers and Robotics in the curriculum.

The co-scholastic areas in our school are equally important as they are integral for the overall development of the learners. We offer Music, Art and Dance (MAD), Personality Development Program (PDP) and various outdoor sports such as Cricket, Football, Basket ball, Badminton, Skating, Karate, Horse Riding and indoor sports such as chess etc.

The school follows the evaluation procedure of Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) and gives grades to the students based on continuous assessment . The assessment is done in scholastic and co-scholastic aspects, which includes life skills, co-curricular activities & values, which are recorded and subsequently graded.

Our curriculum caters to develop higher-order thinking abilities, encouraging our young geniuses to focus on their critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.