Circular No-1557 (V-VIII)-On important details for Nov 18,19 & 20,2017
Circular No-1553 (Class X)-On Date Sheet and Syllabus for Pre Board Exam
Circular No-1552 (IX)-ON SMTE Level- 1 exam on Nov 13, 2017
Circular No-1537 (Class III)-On Syllabus for forthcoming assessment-3 & 4
Circular No-1539 (V-VIII)-On Nov 11 & 18,2017 as working days
Circular No-1540 (Class III)-on interactive session for selecting third language
Circular No-1523 (I-XI)-On 1st Korea-India Friendship Painting Competition 2017
Circular No-1476 (Class V)-On Revised Weekly test Schedule
Circular No-1469 (I-XI)-On Inter School Astro Toon Competition
Circular No-1470 (Class IX,X & XI)-On Bus Staff & Teaching Staff escorting students to Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium
List of Bus Staff and Teaching Staff on Duty -On Oct 6,2017
Newsletter for the month of Oct,2017 ( Class-Prep)
Circular 1460-Workshop by Dr.Parul Pareek (VI-XI-Girl students)
Circular 1461 class-XI CBSE Registration
Circular No-1448 (Class X) -ON NTSE (LEVEL 1) registration
Circular No-1447 (VIII -IX)-On Cleanliness Drive being organized on Sept 25,2017
Circular No-1378 (Prep)-On Celebration of Janmashtami
Circular No-1323 (Class I & II)-On Robotic Classes
Circular No-1324 (Class IV-On Hasya Kavita Competition
Circular No-1325 (Class I )-On Show and Tell Activity
Circular No-1312 (Prep)-On Forthcoming competions For The Month Of July ,2017
Circular No-1265 (Class -II)-On Commencement of Robotic Classes
Circular No-1266 (Class XI )-On Revised School Schedule for Class XI w.e.f May 1, 2017
Circular No-1269 (On QRG Poster & Slogan Making competition )
Circular No-1272 (Class I)-On Commencement of Robotic Classes
Circular No-1269 (I-IX )-On ORG Poster Competition & Slogan Writing Competition
Circular No-1243 (VII-XI)-Only Girls -Student Exchange Partnership Programme with Konam Girls School, Kobe, Japan
Circular No-1245 (I & II)-On Robotic Classes
Circular No-1238 (Nursery -Prep)-On Earth Day Celebration
Circular No-1240 (III-VIII)-On Robotic Classes
Circular No-1241 (VII-XI)-On NIE Film Fiesta programme
Circular No-1242 (IV-VI)-On HT Film Fiesta
Newsletter for the Month of April-May 2017 (Class Nursery)
Newsletter for the month of April-May 2017 (Class Prep)
Circular No-1236 (Class VIII)-On Science Activities
Circular No-1233 (III-IV)-On educational trip to National Ball Bhawan , Nehru Planetarium on April 22,2017
Circular No-1234 (Class II)-On class activity scheduled on April 17,2017
Circular No-1214 (Class XI -of session 2017-18)
Health Information Form
Horse Riding Consent Form
Leave Application Form
Partnership With School To Protect School Property Form
Student's Personal Information Form (2017-18)
Temporary I Card 2017-18
Undertaking by Parent for Private Dispersal (VI-XI )
Verification of Information for-Use of Trasport Facility Form
Circular On Enrichment of School Curriculum in 2017-18
Circular On Select Accolades of Session 2016-17
Circular On Special Excursion for our Dipsites of Classes I,II & III to Family Kingdom
Circular For (Class I)-On Forthcoming Competitions For the Month Of December,2016
Circular For (Nursery)-On Forthcoming competitions for the month of December 2016
Circular For Aapki Suraksha-Aapke Sath - (Nur-X)
Circular For October 1 & October 8 working (7.30 am to 10.30 am) - (III & IV)
Circular For Child Rights programme on 1st Oct (7.30 am -10.30 am) - (VI & VII)
Circular For English Online Quiz Contest - (IV-X)
Circular For fourth edition of Magical Maths. - (V-X)
Circular For Marathon - (VIII-X)
Circular For Inter DPS Football Tournament - (III-IV)
Circular For Career Counselling Programme - (Class X)
Circular For not being allowed to visit canteen during lunch break or after school timings - (III-V)
Circular For British Council -Commonwealth Class Story Writing Competition - (II-IX)
Circular For Contribution for Happytude Together - (Nur-X)
Circular For Happytude Together (VIII-X)
Circular For Reading - An important Role (Nur-X)
Circular For Inter School Painting Competition by SPACE (I-X)
Circular For An Interesting Article (Nur-X)
Forthcoming Competitions for the month Of October-November,2016 (Class II)
Circular For Forthcoming Competitions For The Month Of October ,2016 - Class -I
Circular For Career Conselling Programme - (Classes VII-X)
Circular For Interactive Session with Mr.Rustam Dadachanji at school on September 27,2016 - Class VI
Circular For DK Quiz - Class VII
(Class IX)-CBSE Registration
Together We can Day - Class Nursey
Together We can Day - Class Prep
Revision Schedule -Class Prep
Circular No-900 (V-X)-On Magical Math
Circular No-901 (Nur-X )-ON PTM (August 20,2016)
Circular No-902( VII & VIII)-Workshop on -How to improve your memory on August 24,2016
Circular No-904 (II)-On Forthcoming competitions for the month of September-October2016
Circular No-905 (Class I -10)-On Astronomy Podcast Contest
Circular No-910(Nursery)-On Intra Section Shape-A-Thon Competition.
Circular No-911(Nur-X)
Circular No-914 (V-X) -On Magical Math -Third Edition
Circular No-915(Nur-II)-Heart to Heart Session on Monday.pdf
Circular No-917 (III-VIII)- ASL
Circular No-918(IX-X)-ON ASL to be conducted
Circular No-923 (I)-On Forthcoming competitions
Circular No-926 (III-X)-On Teacher's Day Celebration
Circular No-927 (II)-On Educational Trip to Temple, Church and Gurudwara
Circular No-929 (Prep)-On Intra Section English Recitation Competition