Circular No-1690 (Class III)-On visit to Mughal Garden
Circular no-1689 (Class II)-on trip to Majestic Mughal Garden on Feb 16,2018
Circular No-1666 (Class Prep)-On Invite for Class Prep Assembly 'Seasons Mingle... for a Musical Jingle'
Circular No- 1684 (I to III)- On invite for First International Kala Mela (Arts Festivals )
Revision Schedule Class-III
Revision Schedule (Class Nursery)
Newsletter for the month of February March 2018 (Class I)
Newsletter for the month of February March 2018 (Class Nursery)
Revision Schedule - Class I
Circular No-1679 (VI-VIII)-on workshop on sexual abuse at school on Feb 10, 2018
Circular No-1676 Class II -On activity 'Little Chefs At Work
Revision Schedule Second Term Class II.pdf
Circular no-1673 (I & II)-On visit to Aeroplanet
Circular No-1670 (I-XI)-On Science Festival Eureka Fest
Circular for Class Prep on English & Hindi Handwriting Competition
Circular No-1667 (Nur)-On Intra Section Crafty Fingers Competition
Circular No-1662 (Class I)-On Spell- a -thon Competition
Circular No-1659 (Nur-Prep)-On Special Assembly scheduled in Feb 2018
Circular No-1658 (Nur-XI)-On Goonj's annual winter campaign
Circular No-1656 (V-VIII)-Selected students -On pending sessions of Astronomy Module 1 & 2
Circular No-1655 (Nur-XI)-On schedule of school timings from Jan 15,2018
Circular No-1654 (Class X)-Date Sheet for Annual Examination 2018
Circular No-1553 (Class X)-On Date Sheet and Syllabus for Pre Board Exam
Circular No-1552 (IX)-ON SMTE Level- 1 exam on Nov 13, 2017
Circular No-1537 (Class III)-On Syllabus for forthcoming assessment-3 & 4
Circular No-1539 (V-VIII)-On Nov 11 & 18,2017 as working days
Circular No-1540 (Class III)-on interactive session for selecting third language
Circular No-1523 (I-XI)-On 1st Korea-India Friendship Painting Competition 2017
Circular No-1476 (Class V)-On Revised Weekly test Schedule
Circular No-1469 (I-XI)-On Inter School Astro Toon Competition
Circular No-1470 (Class IX,X & XI)-On Bus Staff & Teaching Staff escorting students to Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium