FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. Till what classes are you admitting students for session 2018-19?

Admissions are open for Class Nursery & Prep Select seats are also available for classes I-IX and Class XI (Science, Commerce and Humanities). DPS Greater Faridabad offers following subjects for class XI:
English English English English
Physics Physics Accountancy History/Economics
Chemistry Chemistry Business Studies Geography
Mathematics Mathematics Economics Political Science/Psychology
Computer Science/Economics/Physical Education Computer Science/Math/Psychology/Fine Arts/Physical Education Computer Science/ Math/Psychology/Fine Arts/Physical Education/IP Computer Science/ Math/Psychology/Fine Arts/ Physical Education/IP/Math

Q. What are the school timings?

Classes Nursery - I 08:45 am - 01:15 pm
Class II 08:45 am - 02:30 pm
Classes III - XI 07:30 am - 02:30 pm

Q. What is the teacher/student ratio?

Student : Teacher ratio of student for Nursery & Prep 1 : 13
Student : Teacher ratio of student for I- XI 1 : 17

Q. How does Delhi Public School Society guide & monitor the functioning of the school

DPS Society closely guides the scholastic and co-scholastic profile of the school along with the domain of teacher training. It operates the calendar of Inter-DPS activities, Principal Conclaves, Research Projects etc. in which our school participates with full enthusiasm and very creditably. Also the Chairman of the School is nominated by DPSS & heads the Management Committee to which the Principal submits regular reports on the functioning of the school on monthly basis and through meetings at regular intervals

We are delighted to share that the Chairman of DPS, Mr. V. k. Shunglu is also the Chairman of DPS Greater Faridabad.

Q. Does the school offer any scholarship?

The school offers scholarships to meritorious students of classes VIII to IX through the annual J. K. Jain Scholarship Award. A notification is sent out to all interested through an advertisement in leading local dailies inviting applications from students with strong scholastic aptitude. This scholarship is open to both internal and external students. The process for selection of awardees involves written test and interview by the scholarship committee.

J. K. Jain Scholarship is also offered to students posting excellent performance in CBSE class X examination at Secondary Level. This scholarship is open to both internal students of the school as well as students who have passed out from other schools and wish to enroll at DPS, Greater Faridabad.

Q. Is your school a CBSE school?

Yes. It is a recognized school affiliated to CBSE from running classes from Nursery to Senior Secondary Level

Q. Is your school a co-educational school?

Yes. We believe that the real world is inhabited and enriched by both genders and our students must prepare for the real world by learning to respect and grow with the opposite gender.

Q. Are the class rooms air-conditioned?

Yes, the class rooms are air-conditioned to ensure adequate comfort for children in the summer months. They are also well ventilated and brightly lit to make the most of spring and autumn months, so that children enjoy nature in the more moderate months.

Q. What are the child safety measures adopted by the school?

Safety and security are given prime importance. We have qualified doctors and nurses at our Medical Centre. For emergencies, there is a well-equipped ambulance on campus. The campus security staff members are supported by technical systems like surveillance cameras across the school campus. Further, well trained security personnel are placed on duty at all the important movement corridors as well as gates

Q. Does the school have adequate medical facilities?

School is well equipped to handle first aid medical care to students. The school has tied up with a leading medical care facility of the area for any medical care of specialized nature. The school clinic maintains and updates card of all students through regular medical checkups including eye and dental. Any direction / guidance given by the school on health and fitness of the child must be taken seriously by parents and followed up with competent medical attention.