Red Revolution

Our school participated in the Educational Technology Summit, 2016 on October 22, 2016. With over 200 participants and 80 schools, pan India and Singapore, our school DPS Greater Faridabad secured the second place for"MOST INNOVATIVE PROJECT" at Design, Technology and Change. The Summit was the celebration of learning and sharing.

Design thinking relies on our ability to be intuitive, to recognize patterns, to construct ideas that have emotional meaning as well as functionality, to express ourselves in media other than words or symbols.

New ideas based on EMPATHY are, what is going to provide salvation to the world. We need students to think about real and authentic challenges in the world today. We need them to think about the challenges that we face as individuals and society as a whole; also global challenges of health, poverty and education.

We need them to think of new strategies that result in differences that matter.

Here's wishing that we scale and sustain our Red Revolution Project that we started in the year 2015 and more partner schools to join us in this journey of student leadership. We also wish to cross the regional borders and spread this flame of "Service before Self" far and wide.

Watch video of Red Revolution